Serve 4+ Times a Month

Our duty is to love our neighbors as ourselves, to care for the sick and serve the poor.

Saint James wrote that faith without works is dead.  This idea has caused controversy ever since, but there is no doubt Jesus cared for the sick, served the poor, and made friends with the outcast all through his earthly ministry.  He commands his followers today to do the same.

We serve others to ease their pain and share the love of God.  Human life is hard, and for some, the complications and sadness of life can be unbearable.  One of the principal ways God’s love is made known to a hurting world is through the actions of people of faith.  Serving others also opens our hearts and minds to the wider human experience and so causes us to grow.  Finally, serving others is a reliable way of encountering Jesus himself, who teaches that when we serve “the least” among us, we serve Him.

Serving 4+ times a month means you will have to commit sufficient time and energy to actually slow down and get to know the one you intend to serve.  Serving means you will have to extend yourself beyond writing a check and taking a walk.  Serving means you will have to do something real.