Prayer 20 Minutes a Day

Prayer is responding to God, by thought and by deeds, with and without words.

God is a self-giving and loving presence in our lives.  God creates, redeems and sustains the whole universe in every minute of every day.  We cannot draw a single breath – nor live a single moment – except by the grace of God.  Because God’s power and action in our lives is so phenomenal, the human relationship with God easily becomes one sided.  How are we to respond to God’s amazing grace?  How can we be in an ongoing and meaningful relationship with such a great and generous friend?  The answer: Prayer.

By praying 20 minutes a day we attend to our relationship with God.  By regularly praying we respond to God’s grace, offering something of our selves (our time and energy) as a gift back to God.  Prayer may be a conversation with God in which words and thoughts are exchanged, but it need not be, for prayer is first and foremost a response to God’s presence and grace in our lives.  Prayer is a thank you and it is a gift.  Praying is how we stay in healthy relationship with God.